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How Clean are Your Carpets?

If you were to ask somebody what is in their carpet, you’ll probably be met with a quizzical look, and then possibly a worried “I don’t know. What is in my carpet?”  They might not like the answer, as although a property’s carpet (either at home, or at work if you’re the business owner) may look clean, if you get down to the nitty gritty what you find may shock.

On average a carpet inside your home will collect 4KG of dust every year, and most of this – 80-90% to be more precise – comes in the form of skin particles that we as humans shed.  The other 10-20% is made up of sand, grit, hair, grease, dust might carcases, old food particles, vomit, sweat and dried blood.  In essence your carpets are giant filters!

One thing to remember is that dust and dirt is just ghastly is large quantities – even in small quantities it can be hazardous to our health.  One of the biggest causes of allergies are dust mites.  These microscopic insects use household dust as their food source, and for sufferers of allergies their presence can be debilitating, causing sneezing, itchiness, discomfort and sometimes asthma attacks.  Making sure dust is kept to a minimum is essential in a home or business where there is an allergy sufferer present.

Homes where pets are present have a bigger problem still.  The chance of contaminants being brought through the door increases dramatically, and it doesn’t take much of an imagination to come up with the possibilities!

The easiest way to help keep your carpets cleaner for longer is by regular vacuuming.  It will help prolong the life of the carpet by removing dirt and helping prevent grime build up, but unfortunately this will not keep it 100% clean.  The only way to obtain a completely clean carpet is by regularly hiring a machine capable of washing the fibres of your carpets.  Known as the hot water extraction method, it can help remove engrained dirt that is embedded deep into the carpet, as well surface stains, dust mites and other waste.  Drying time can take a few hours too, so don’t forget to factor that in if your carpets are high traffic areas.

If the thought of doing it yourself fills you with dread, let the professionals do it!  By inviting an experienced company into your home or business to do the work for you, it may be more cost effective in the long run.  After all, time is money, and you could lose precious work hours if you are tasked with that type of cleaning!  Maintaining the carpets you have to a high standard is by far and away cheaper than having to replace them every couple of years.