1. Akis Lite

With a good capital investment, this would probably be the best queue management system for your business. The developer of the queue management system www.akistechnologies.com from Lithuania designs the software to bring professional services and smooth flow of customers during administration services. It is composed of sundry of functionalities with a wide range of advantages for such a high-quality systems.

This system displays all its services in a widescreen with virtual buttons to click the service of your choice. It has an internal thermal printer just below the screen which prints and cuts the customer tickets quickly.

The various organizations’ which it’s advisable to use this system include banks, insurance companies, and government agencies. The parts of this system include;


This consists both the main and workplace displays. Displays are fabricated to integrate with the queue management systems from Lithuania with functionalities such as display of the customer’s ticket number or the name of the counter where the customer is to be served from. It supports various languages including Arabic language and Text, numeric and graphic display of information is supported using different fonts visible to the customers.


This is a device integrated with the queue management system which is used to avail information regarding the size of the queues, display the information about the customer on the counter and also display information about the next customer on the counter. Customer registration from your workspace is also possible.

  1. Akis Micro

This is the easiest system used to give tickets to the customers. This system is suited for small businesses and organizations with minimal services as it only avails a single function of customer organization in one queue. With this system, all clients are assured of no more software or hardware incorporation. This is attributed to the use of the principle of plug and play in the design of this system. The parts of this system include;

Ticket Dispenser.

This is a device incorporated into the queue management system offering remedies to ticket printing. It is economical and easy to use in all queue management services. A thermal printer together with a special controller for queues prints the customer tickets inevitably after powering on the system. Every ticket is provided to the customer when he or she visits the dispenser.


This consists of the main and workplace queue management system displays. Workplace displays display the ticket number to alert the customer that his or her moment to receive services has arrived. Main displays are used together with the queue management system from Lithuania to show ticket number, direction to the room and the room’s number.


This is easy to use device integrated with the queue management system. It is used to organize the flow of customers in the queues.

  1. Akis Rate It

This is a device used to provide feedback about the customer’s experience. It collects real-time data about the customers’ feedback. This helps you to rate your business according to the customers’ sentiments.


  1. It does not need an external supply of power.
  2. The status LED is located adjacent to every button.
  3. It has 5 different values for rating.