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How to look younger and cool at the same time

You might have heard people saying that age is just a number. Nothing changes if your heart does not change anything. This might be true to some point, but there is one thing that do changes and that is the beauty of youth. This is the reason why the queen plotted to kill snow-white and the witch trapped the Rapunzel in a castle to stay beautiful forever. In reality, we all are afraid to lose our youth at some point in life. Although it is impossible to change it back, however, there are certain things you can do to look younger than your age.

Physical attributes:

Physical attributes are a very important part of your personality. Theysay a lot about our personality. Following are the few things that you should focus on to look younger.

·         Dressing:

Dressing is the first thing people will judge you from. People who wear neat, clean and pleated clothes look more attractive than the ones who wear old worn out clothes. This is also one of the reasons how people get selected in an interview. By wearing clean and simple clothes will increase your elegance and give a perfect glow to your face too. For example, you can wear Kevlar Jeans anytime, they are made for everyone regardless age.

Many of us don’t know that hairstyles also add up to our impression a lot. Having perfectly combed hairs will give the best impression to the other party. So make sure you have neat, clean and perfectly combed hair all the time. It will also add up in your age.

·         Neatness:

When it comes to your personality, neatness also plays an important role. Take a bath every third day with a nice herbal shampoo and soap. It will help you stay younger for a long time. After you hit your 27th, try to take care of your skin more. This will also add up to your beauty.

Mental traits:

·         Personality:

Another big difference between the old people and young people is the tolerance level. Older people have less stamina to tolerate things. They are less prone to change. This is the reason why it is said that it is very difficult to make a point. So don’t be one of them. Always welcome the change with open arms. Remember that you have to be cool from inside too. Only exterior beauty won’t work here. Be the one to whom teenagers would love to talk.

·         Positivity:

Positivity plays an important role in the maturity. The more you are positive about your life and other people, the more happy and successful life you can live. It also frees you from the worry of what other people think about you. If you put your focus on the good things, you can lead a happy and stressful life which is the ultimate goal of all of us.