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Improve your approach to face-to-face sales in 3 steps

Face-to-face marketing can offer you the chance to connect with a wider audience and boost your sales levels. If you’re to make the most of this promotional technique though, you’ll need to know what you’re doing. So, if you think there’s room for improvement in your direct marketing campaigns, taking the following three steps could help.

  1. Have a clear strategy in place from the start

Obviously, on a broad level, you’ll want your direct marketing campaign to help you increase your sales levels. However, having this as a basic objective isn’t enough. To squeeze maximum value from these promotional initiatives, you’ll need to have a clear strategy and specific objectives in place from the outset. Commenting on this issue in a blog posted on its website, direct marketing specialists Appco UK points out that if you start knocking on doors or speaking to consumers before you’ve come up with a detailed plan, there’s a risk you’ll end up wasting your time and money.

According to Appco, you should establish sales targets, a schedule and the methods you’ll employ to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. Going into detail like this at the very beginning of your campaign will help you to focus your resources and efforts in the most efficient ways.

  1. Ensure customer interactions are a two-way process

Too often, companies treat face-to-face sales as a one-way process and simply present consumers with information about their products or services. It’s much more effective to approach these sales opportunities as two-way exchanges by engaging consumers in conversation and encouraging them to ask questions. This more personalised approach can help your brand ambassadors build a rapport with your target audience. It also offers a more engaging way to get the relevant information across.

  1. Choose a performance-based payment model

With any form of marketing, it’s easy to allow costs to escalate and if you’re not careful, you could find you’re shelling out on advertising that isn’t especially cost-effective. To ensure this doesn’t happen with your face-to-face sales campaign, try to find specialists that only require you to pay for the results they actually deliver. Appco Group runs a performance-based payment model like this – and you can find out more about it on the organisation’s website.

As well as helping you to keep your costs in check and achieve the best possible return on your investment, these payment models can give you greater peace of mind throughout your marketing project.