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4 Soothing Tricks to Get Your Kids to Fall Asleep Easier

Being soothed to sleep is a subjective experience. One that everybody experiences differently. However, for kids, there are a few tricks that might help sleep come a little easier. Follow the below-mentioned methods to soothe your kiddo and, hopefully, help them sleep better for longer.

Lavender Scents on Pillowcases

Lavender is a naturally soothing scent that unwinds nerves and relaxes minds. With that said, too much can cause a headache. But you can find pre-mixed and mellow scents at bath and body stores. Lavender Vanilla is a combo favorite that is amazing in small doses. The slightest spritz on bed sheets or a pillowcase can lead to deeper sleep with better dreams and an overall better restful factor. Or, if your kiddo doesn’t like the lavender scent, do some research to discover which fragrances your child finds relaxing.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ceiling Stars

The glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars give kiddos something to count when sheep simply will not do. You can snag hundreds of these 5-pointed plastic beauties for less than 20 bucks, then peel and stick them to the ceiling in your own constellations. Spell out your child’s name, mimic the starry movements of a real night’s sky, or stick the stars randomly across the ceiling.

Bedroom Blues

Blue is a calming color with dozens of unique, soothing shades, like cerulean and robin’s egg. And all of them are perfect for in the bedroom. It really is personal preference when it comes to hue, so ask your kiddo which blue color is their favorite. From there, splash the walls in these relaxing colors. Or, place blue accents, like throw pillows and blankets, into your child’s bedroom for an instant soothing effect. If you want a professional opinion, get in contact with an architectural design firm to ask them for suggestions on snooze-worthy interior design options.

Cool Rooms = Deeper Snoozes

Most people need some sort of noise to sleep at night, which is fine. But others need cool air to circulate through their room too. There have been studies that prove cooler rooms equal deeper snoozes, so aim for a temperature of between 68 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. This, according to science, is the perfect body temperate for a super-restful night of dozes—sans sheep counting.

When you find a sleeping method that works, stick with it. Your kiddos will then use these methods to help them sleep a little easier as they get older. Before you know it, you’ve instilled excellent soothing sleep tricks that your kids use for their kids and so on.