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Insider Franchise Marketing Tips for Boosting Foot Traffic in 2017 and Beyond

You need a wide range of strategies to entice clients to visit your locations through various platforms such as through mobile phones, through online platforms, and in-stores. In this piece, we have a range of the five tips for the best practices in franchise marketing that work for many arrays in the franchise.

1. Target Mobile Advertising to Individual Locations

With the presence of consumers in the smartphones, franchisers can use mobile advertising to target local consumers in the particular franchise location. Consider sending text messages to your clients through the mobile phones offering them a wide range of special offers for the day. This is one way of promoting client and customer loyalty by the store. You can also share coupons to consumers and clients directly through the mobile phones. The greatest benefit associated with the mobile advertisement is that it allows you to serve advertisements in your area of locality.

2. Use In-store Digital Signage to Encourage Loyal Fans

Consumers always want recognition for any form of patriotism they show a brand of the company. With the social media application based on Instagram and Facebook, franchise consumers around particular locations can view themselves on the digital signage screens in the stores. The use of Enplug also allows the merchandisers to send messages that are directed to their clients across a broad range of locations to see themselves immediately on the display screens of the stores. While enhancing the in-store experience, digital sign ages can be used to facilitate social media engagements.

3. Reward Referral Programs and Promote Business Loyalty

Tangible forms or recognizing your clients, besides the use of social recognition, such as reward and loyalty programs offering coupons and social recognition can form one of the most effective ways of marketing franchise in the industry. You can also offer rewards for clients who make many purchases more often, those who share their company hash tags on social media, and those who visit their location often. Referrals can be a better way to marketing packages. One of the best ways to obtain referrals is the use of existing clients.

4. Provide Important Proof with Testimonials and Online Proof

In the world of smartphones, an online proof is one of the best ways to indulge business deals. When your franchise is checked online by a prospective consumer, positive reviews form the basis of consumer advert management techniques by Phyllis Zimbler Miller. You can fuel traffic to your site using social proof.

5. Share Consistent Messages across All Brand Messaging

You will create a uniform company representation if you engage in representing uniform messages across all your franchise locations. While the physical locations of franchisers are uniform in nature, the brand messages must also be uniform as well as their messages. Both staff and customers love to see themselves or their posts shorted on the digital signage screens in other locations. This also helps in the linking of the brand across all the nation and locations worldwide.

In the end, effective marketing for franchise locations requires the provision of current and prospective clients’ consistent messages as well as recognition for loyalty.